Ifergan Collection

The Phoenician Treasure of Malaga

Dear visitors.

Welcome to the Phoenician Treasure of Malaga, the new exhibition of the Ifergan Collection. We are very pleased to have you here in this new chapter of our cultural history, and we are eager to share with you the extraordinary collection of Phoenician art that now shines again in all its splendor.

We invite you to immerse yourselves in a unique journey to the city of Tyre, between the 6th and 4th centuries BC, and which puts a face to the founders of the city of Malaga. More than 200 votive Phoenician terracottas from the city of Tyre, authentic and in a great state of preservation, will accompany you to reveal previously hidden details, allowing you to appreciate the cultural richness of this ancient Phoenician civilization in a whole new way.

Come and discover the origin of the city of Malaga!


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